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The politician

How are the politicians? What is bad with they? Well, the answer have a lot of parts, however, before of think in this, as the first step in this journey, is necessary to do a question, the politicians, have a good side, or not? that is the clue, no more. And for think in this theme, maybe is a good idea, have a list over the character of this "persons":

1. If a person, He or She think in to be a politician, that person is thinking "I'm better than the other".

2. If a person, think "I'm better", after He or She, will think "I always have reason".

3. If He or She is thinking "I always have reason", after the politician will think, "If I always have reason, all my ideas need money"

4. And, if He or She need more money, after He or She will need more power, for to seek and to have the money.

5. And, if He or She need more money, after He or She will need more power...

6. And, if He or She need more power, after He or She will need more money...

7. And while He or She need more money and more power... We always will be more poor, and more slaves of the politicians, because ALWAYS, the power and money in few hands, is less freedom and and money for most people.

Think in this, because is the logic answer to my question. Always than We have a politician front to our eyes, We have a man or woman, with the wish of to have slaves in his or her hands. The politicians not think in the reality, only think in theirs worldview, and never in the real world. All politicians have as center of the Universe, theirs ego, for this, while the society, give power at politicians, never We, never the free men and women, we will be truly free, because the man who give power to other man, always will be a slave.

Then, the politicians, have a good side, or not? The answer is short, NO!

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Blogger Jose Cornejo said...

You're goddamn right, heitai. That's exactly what we knew thru 17 years of Military Regime. politicians are just a waste of time, money, oxigen and food. if Chile could get rid of them (for a while), why can't we try it again?

5 de diciembre de 2014, 10:25  
Blogger Heitai said...

how?... I think, I'm sure, my dogs have more balls than all the "chest-back" of "our" army... a lot of cowards and weak men, without personality. I'm sure, unable at defend their comrades, in the name of the heaven, how these bastard could win a war?

5 de diciembre de 2014, 10:49  
Blogger Jose Cornejo said...

I don't understand. but i think we need more balls and guts to take them down again.

I'm a patriot. but i feel ashamed of my own soldiers.

5 de diciembre de 2014, 12:43  
Blogger Heitai said...

Their acts are proof. The Generals, the chest-back, they erased the name of our General of a medal, that was only for cowardly. None traitor to his men, can to wait loyalty, of these men.

5 de diciembre de 2014, 13:29  
Blogger Jose Cornejo said...

They could erase their names from any physical thing they want, and no matter how they try to, but they cannot erase their names and their work from world's history. No matter how hard they'll try to replace the history, because is a useless effort. truth always wins, the weight of history is unperishable and their legacy remains forever.

About those commie's dicksuckers: Those cowards will be the first one's to be hanged at the Freedom's Tree, when their lies falls.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." (Thomas Jefferson)

"Because this tree is fertilized with the blood, sweat and guts of those soldiers who died defending it, and will be the perfect place to hang traitors and liars" (Another mine quote)

6 de diciembre de 2014, 05:03  
Blogger Heitai said...

jaja, I think, You are an optimist men and a little "romantic", not in the meaning in spanish, if no in the tragic way.... well, maybe in that way, will be found the answer my friend, not with the love for the money and the elegant chairs with desks.

6 de diciembre de 2014, 07:08  
Blogger Jose Cornejo said...

The only place we'll find the answer is in the battlefield.

we're living violent times, and a burning season is coming... soon.


6 de diciembre de 2014, 07:20  
Blogger Heitai said...

Well, the history is very clear, and the evidence is solid, in all the armies of the history is the same rule, the 90% of the leaders (generals) are garbage (or more), and the victories are daughters of that other 10%. For that evidence, I'm sure, here is the same... and the edge, only one general is enough, one angry and hungry wolf, always is better than 30 fat lambs.

6 de diciembre de 2014, 07:36  
Blogger Maximo said...


Yo no espik inglich.

Al menos apareciste, ya estaba bueno.

Saludos, y no te pierdas.

15 de diciembre de 2014, 12:03  
Blogger Heitai said...

Jaja.. I'm learning a second level at english, and I need practice. :)

16 de diciembre de 2014, 09:12  
Blogger gemma narelli said...

You are completely right, they are almost all of them pure bullshit, hope there will be at least one who is honest and really works for the people, service to others I mean, BUT sure he or she has not yet been born,
My name is Gemma and like very much your posts,
Thank you

14 de marzo de 2015, 19:43  
Blogger Heitai said...

With the time, I think different, the problem is not the persons, the problem is the system. The Democracy is a system with more of 2000 years, thinking for a different reality, a reality with few persons, with slaves, with poor education, with a different level of technology, etc. I think is the system the problem, is obsolete.

15 de marzo de 2015, 06:22  

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