sábado, julio 09, 2011

For my Father!

My Father was person with a good health, all your life, only the last year, He had a problem with a cancer prostatic, N1, He had a surgery, and he was OK, He had several, and several health revision, and the results always was OK, your heart was OK, but He dead of a cardiac attack, a thing incredible for Us.

He call to the house, that saturday, He say me, that He had a pain in the chest, but He have a little flu, and He always was a little hypochondriac, for that reason, My Mother and Me, and I am sure, my Father, we think, that the problem was the flu. He could leave the job, and go to fast to the hospital, but, my Father, was my Father, and He never would leave the job alone, He waited for a replacement, that was always the way of my Father, and nobody can be sad for that. My father was my Father.

We have a void, we want be angry, but is impossible, with Who? My Father was my Father, the personal of the Hospital was excelent, the friends of job of my Father was, the best friends. With Who be angry? the answer is hard, nobody, was a accident, a accident that all persons can have, You, Me, etc.

My Father was a good person, that was your problem, always other persons abused of He, but never that was a problem for my Father, and in this last moment, hundred of persons were with him, friends, colleagues of the job, neighbors and your family. The birthday 65 of my Father would be in September, but in this moment is hard for me think, that never more he will be in the house. Is as a bad dream, but I know the true, I know.

Why wrote in english?, well, this post, is a part of a letter that, I did send to a friends, and for me, today is very hard write again of my Father, and is more hard, because, today the Mother of a good friend died, for a awful cancer. This winter is very sad for Me, and write in english, is as a wall for the pain.


Anonymous Anónimo said...

Me he acordado mucho de ti amigo, estoy seguro que el resto también.

Se nota que lo querías mucho, eso significa que era un buen hombre.

9 de julio de 2011, 14:30  
Blogger Violante Cabral said...

Es cierto escribir en otro idioma distancia del dolor. Amigo querido, que cada día tu pena se haga más llevadera.
Un abrazo

10 de julio de 2011, 10:50  

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